Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving thanks—more than once a year

Happy Thanksgiving to you! It's wonderful that we stop one day a year to reflect on our gifts and blessings—and give thanks for them. Most of us have so much bounty and goodness in our lives—illness, job loss and death notwithstanding. We really do.

So perhaps this Thanksgiving Day, you and I can make a vow that we'll try to be more grateful each day. On the days when I awake with gratitude in my heart and think of even three or four things for which I'm grateful, I see what a difference it makes in my attitude the entire day. But when the first thoughts I have in the morning are complaints and grumbles, that too makes a difference—a negative difference. I set out on a completely different path than when I think of my blessings.

Sometimes I write in my Gratitude Journal. But even if I only think of the things for which I'm grateful and don't commit that to paper, I still set my feet on a positive path for the day.

Enjoy today, however you spend it—and see whether you can start all or most all of your days in a spirit of thanksgiving. And please don't beat yourself up if some days you don't remember. Just try, try again!

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