Wednesday, December 28, 2016

People of compassion and goodwill

If we just listen to the news, we might get the idea that the world is filled with evil and nasty people. News stories seem to focus on crime, murder, death and disaster—not that those things aren't part of the news. But really, do those stories have to be the only news we get?

So when I saw a video news story on Facebook yesterday showing a man filling a cart in a department store with all manner of gifts—and with multiples of many of the items, I was intrigued. What was he going to do with all those items—and with the rolls and rolls of gift wrap in his cart? The story continued with the man at home apportioning out all that he had bought, making several piles, and then gift wrapping those piles into several packages. He then loaded up laundry baskets and went out on the city streets dropping off a gift-wrapped package to each of several individuals who were on the sidewalks asking for handouts. I can only imagine the joy he brought with his compassion and goodwill.

As I watched the entire video news story unfold, I was in tears. I was just blown away by the kindness and generosity of this one individual—a sort of modern-day St. Nicholas.

It was a reminder to me that the world is full of compassionate, caring and good people. Just because most news broadcasts tell stories of those few people who set out to do harm, we should not be fooled into thinking that most people are wicked and uncaring. It simply isn't so. Look for some good news today. You'll find it—even if it isn't as predominant as bad news!

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