Thursday, December 8, 2016

Savor today!

A good friend of mine just learned this week that she'd lost a long-term friend to suicide. Such grief and pain. And I just found out yesterday that a long-term friend of mine has been placed in hospice care. I'm deeply saddened by this news, too.

These things are another reminder about how life can change on a dime. On a dime! We have this moment, right now—that's all we know for sure that we have. Things can change so quickly.

And that's our cue to enjoy this moment. Savor what's here right now. Live in gratitude for what we have this moment. Let's not live in the past. Let's not spend the current moment longing for the future. Look around you right now. For what are you grateful? What do you see and feel right now? Soak it up. Give thanks for it.

Let's not let yesterday or tomorrow steal today. This isn't mean to depress us. It's simply a reminder to savor today.

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