Monday, September 18, 2017

Feed your spirit

I wish I could remember where I found this, but tucked into one of my inspirational books is a copy of some advice on escaping from things that imprison us or hold us back.

It says, "Escape from a dull and boring routine that's slowly but surely killing your spirit.

"Escape from any job, no matter how lucrative, that holds your creativity hostage and demands you pay with your physical and emotional health.

"However you must, escape from the constant needling of people who live their lives under a perpetual storm cloud. Get away for an hour or two, for a month or three. If you must, leave the marriage. Or the country."

That's a lot about which to think. But the bottom line, it seems to me, is to seek out those things that are life-giving and get as far away as possible from things that break your spirit and are death-dealing.

Do today what feeds your spirit. You know what those things are.

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