Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Here's to nurturers of all types

This weekend is Mother's Day here in the United States. I am fully aware that this can be an extremely difficult day for women who have wanted so badly to get pregnant and give birth to a child but are unable to do so. We need to be sensitive to that.

In the past many decades, I've had a much broader view of what Mother's Day means, though. I see it as a day to honor women who give birth not just to a child but to ideas, organizations, music, art, books and other creative ventures. There are so many things that need birthing and creating. Mother's Day is a day to celebrate women who nurture, and there are so many things in need of nurturing.

Some Mother's Days I send cards to women who give birth and nurture in these other ways, too. It often catches them off guard and, I hope, helps them feel appreciated for what they add to our society and to the lives of many.

Who do you appreciate today? Why not let them know?

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