Monday, May 7, 2018

Try more laughter

Last week I took a friend to her cataract surgery, staying with her while the medical staff prepped her. Of course, the prep time was the longest; and the surgery itself was only about 20-30 minutes of the 3-1/2 hours we were at the hospital. My friend began to be a bit nervous after about 45 minutes of prepping, so in addition to encouraging her to take deep breaths, I tried laughter.

At one point, when a nurse finished inserting the needle for the intravenous fluids, I joked that it was a good thing she didn't stick it in her arm or leg as did Tim Conway in the Carol Burnett show's episode called "The Dentist." If you have never seen that, follow the link or Google it to see the YouTube video of it. It's absolutely hilarious. The laughter that will result when you see it is almost guaranteed to make you healthier!

So we all had some good laughs and lightened the pre-op room. And that brings me to my point: We all need laughter and humor in our lives. Life can be so heavy and serious at times. And we all have read more than once about the healing properties of laughter. So I urge you to find ways to either introduce or keep humor in your life. It'll help balance you. And it makes all your body functions operate better. You will simply feel better and lighter.

What makes you laugh? Find something to induce a good belly laugh for yourself (and others) today. We can all use more of that!

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