Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enchantment: A word we've forgotten?

"Bring pleasure and enchantment to each relationship, event, and task of everyday life," I read this morning during my quiet time inspirational reading.

The word "enchantment" jumped off the page for me. I don't often use the word. Do you? I'm not sure I'm even enchanted very often anymore. How about you? So I ask myself, "Why not?"

I've been sorting through photos of my grandchildren the past several days. What a fun journey back in time. Some of them are teenagers now, so I have several years of photos. Others are very young and still have the wonder of childhood. My youngest ones are still delighted to watch a small bug crawl along the sidewalk or up a blade of grass.

One photo that comes to mind when I think of enchantment is one I took of two of my granddaughters, now teenagers, but then just young girls who loved American Girl dolls. I took them and their dolls to tea at the huge American Girl store in downtown Chicago. Even the dolls got their own chairs with tea cups and plates! My granddaughters were enchanted with the whole scene. Actually, I was too! Seeing and experiencing the day through their eyes was pure delight.

When do we lose that ability to be enchanted and delighted? Is it only when we're around young children that we can be called back to that possibility? It's an attitude, isn't it? We had it once. I think we can have it again. I for one would love to regain that sense of wonder. Delight. Enchantment.

Let's start a conversation about it. What do you think? Do you have ways of keeping delight alive in your life? I'd love to hear them below in the Comment box.

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