Thursday, November 15, 2012

Words, words, delightful words

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter "E." (If you ever watched Sesame Street with your children or grandchildren, you'll remember that comment!) Today we're going to talk about some "E" words.

Last week I wrote a blog about enchantment. I had read something about bringing "pleasure and enchantment to each relationship, event, and task of everyday life." That word and the images it evoked drew me in. So when I put a comment on my Way2Grow Facebook page about my intention to experience more enchantment in my life, one of my friends and Facebook followers suggested: "Start listing all the 'E' words ... Energy, Enrichment, Entertaining, Enlightenment, Envision, Etc. ... That's a few to Encourage your quest ... Enjoy!"

I was just delighted with that response. Actually, I was enchanted with it! Becky's comment focused me on each of those "E" words. Aren't they wonderful words? There is enough in her suggestion and in each word to give me quiet time reflection topics for several days.

What I love as much as the "E" words my friend suggested is just the synergy we women get when we share ideas with each other. One woman says something, another expands on it, and yet another puts a whole different spin on it ... and soon we're all jazzed by new thoughts and ideas. That's what I am so hoping will develop on my website and here on the blogs. Please add your ideas in the Comment box below, and let's start a conversation. What words are on your mind these days? (They don't have to be "E" words!!)


  1. Two words I really love are: discernment and transformation. They are both filled with such a sense of process and natural power.

  2. Those are very powerful words. Say more about what "a sense of process and natural power" mean to you. I'd love to hear more.

  3. Yesterday, Bookwoman in Rockford discussed Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book Gift from the sea. This group is age & background diverse and one I treasure. These are women who have ENRICHED my own life. AAUW, so too, ENCOURAGES the growth of women! How lucky I have been to a member of these groups ....

  4. I, too, love that book. In fact, two friends (who don't know each other) thought it would be something I'd enjoy, and so I have received two copies as gifts! Perhaps one day soon, one copy will go to my adult daughter! I keep being renewed by it.

  5. About the two words: I see discernment and transformation as very active, yet reflective words that imply a willingness to listen to others, and to the Spirit, and to be open to ideas we haven't yet bought into. I see them both as having the potential for life-changing and -enriching experiences.