Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who are you? Where are you?

Who am I? And who am I now? Those questions are among those I mention elsewhere on my website because those often are questions women (and many men, too) ask at midlife or later.

You and I are changing constantly, whether we are aware of those changes or not. We know our bodies are changing. Our attitudes change. Our desires and dreams change. It's all part of the natural flow of things.

Have you checked in with yourself lately to see what's happening? If you were to describe yourself by email or phone to a stranger, what would you say? Would you use nouns (mother, friend, daughter) or would you use adjectives (contemplative, extraverted, funny)? Which ones would you use? Be nice to yourself now!

And if you were to reveal even more of yourself, what would you add? What is your deepest desire right now? Do you have passions and dreams that are as yet unrealized?

Are your relationships what you want them to be—or at least fairly closely aligned to your desires? Is your career where you wish it? Or is your retirement just what you had hoped it would be? What's still out there that you'd like to pursue?

If you have lots of large life questions that are as yet unanswered and you'd like to explore them, please contact me for a complimentary and absolutely no-obligation strategy session to see what you might want to do about those issues. These questions are good, and it can be exciting to live your way into some answers. Scary, too, sometimes. But filled with possibility as well.

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