Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Friends of all ages

Some time ago a friend of mine admitted that she really didn't have friends of different ages. Nearly all her close friends were about the same age as she was. She sounded intrigued, however, when I told her about the variety of ages among my friends.

I have some friends much older than I am. They are my teachers and mentors as, in so many cases, they have gone before me in many life experiences. I gain from their perspective on life, too. They take things in stride more than I do.

I have some friends far younger than I am. I love to soak up their energy and enthusiasm, and they tell me that they learn from me just as I do from those older than I am. I learn a lot from them, too, even while I mentor them. Don't you love the idea of mutual mentoring?

I have other friends who are around the same age as I am. Sharing similar birth years doesn't mean we share life experiences, though. So there is always something to learn from each one.

So when I turned my desk calendar to a new day and saw the following message, I completely agreed: "A fabulous mixture of friends makes the texture of life deeper and richer."

And age isn't the only component for "a fabulous mixture." But it is one. Differences are great, too. Are your friendships wide, deep and rich?

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