Friday, June 14, 2013

Does your self-image need a makeover?

Have you ever been asked to list several things you like about yourself? Or asked to recall something you accomplished about which you feel quite proud?

Most of us are embarrassed when asked such things and have a difficult time answering. If we were asked to list our flaws, we'd no doubt start writing and keep at it for quite a long time!

So why can't we think of our strengths and our accomplishments? Why can't we acknowledge them? Maybe it's time to ratchet up our self-esteem and our self-image a bit. Here are a couple activities to help you:

Make a list on your computer or on paper (think of at least five to 10) of the characteristics you like about yourself. Perhaps it will help if you think of what others typically say about you. What do they tell you they appreciate about you? Do you value that, too? Then add that to the list.

If you'd rather, think of something you did, either recently or long ago, about which you are proud. Perhaps you completed a job you never imagined you could do or finished in a marathon that you never had thought possible. Or did you show strength and resilience when you went through a very difficult and challenging time? Give yourself credit for those things. Write about what you did and how you feel about it.

Contrary to what some of us heard when we grew up, there is nothing wrong with appreciating our own gifts and abilities. And it's more than OK to feel proud of accomplishments. When you feel good about yourself, you'll be so much more generous-spirited and loving toward others. Isn't that worth moving toward?

I'm still working on this myself. How about you?

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