Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your inner critic as friend

Have you heard from your inner critic lately? Some people call it their inner judge. Whatever name you have for the voice inside that criticizes and judges you, the effect is the same. Just know it's normal for people to have one.

Some will say you want to get rid of that voice. That seems to work for some people. I have another option.

What I have found to be true in my life is that my inner critic really wants to protect me and take care of me. That's why she sometimes appears to be pretty hard on me. When that happens, I try to be gentle with her and with myself, assuring my inner critic that I appreciate her concern but that I really will be OK with whatever situation about which she's worried.

Be relaxed with your inner critic—or even playful. You do not have to get rid of her. You just need to calm her down and assure her you have things as much under control as is possible.

I'm guessing you'll discover, as I did, that when you are patient and loving with this judging voice, she'll relax and give you messages that seem less harsh. You may even detect the fear she's feeling without any judgment toward you at all. You can reassure her and calm her anxiety!

Try making friends with your inner critic today and see whether her voice doesn't change over time.

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