Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zero in on happiness

Several days ago I mentioned that I've been asked to be a pioneer for a website called Happify. Those of us who are pioneers are testing out daily activities and exercises designed to focus us on a more positive and happy life—on appreciating and savoring what we have.

One of last week's activities was to select one person in my life and daily for three weeks, think of one thing I appreciate about that person. I chose my beloved sister, Cheryl. Each day I am writing in my gratitude journal one thing I appreciate about her. When the time is up, I will tell her how much I love and appreciate her and give her specifics. (You'll love this, Cheryl!)

I really like the idea of activities that focus me on positive things in life. I love the idea of living in gratitude. There is plenty around us, in us and in the daily news to bring us down. So sometimes we simply need to be more intentional about savoring and enjoying life and its events—and appreciating the people in our lives.

What have you done lately to ratchet up your happiness quotient? And to show your appreciation for those you love? Perhaps you'd like to check out the Happify website. Or perhaps you want to think of your own ways to focus on gratitude and happiness.

Here's to savoring each day!

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