Friday, January 10, 2014

What's on your 'list'?

Have you looked at your "bucket list" lately? Or don't you have one yet? Perhaps this is the time to make a list of those big things you really want to do or see while you still can.

And at the start of this new year, if you have such a list, it's a good time to see if there's something on it whose time has come. You might want to make plans now for that trip of a lifetime. Or get a business plan going for that dream you've had in your back pocket for years. Or go visit that friend you've wanted to see for the last several years.

If you aren't into Really Big Plans, you might be one of those who would do better with a "thimble list" of smaller dreams and wishes.

I have a thimble list, and it hangs on my office wall. Actually, I hadn't consulted it in a little while. So earlier this week when I noticed it again, I saw a couple things I wanted to do: read a just-for-fun book (not my book club novel and not reading that helps me with my coaching practice) during the daytime without guilt and take an occasional nap.

I haven't done either yet—but both are definitely on my mind for the next several days. And I plan to do both. I can just imagine the pleasure and joy already. As they say, anticipation is a big part of the experience.

What's on your list, either the Really Big List or the Thimble List? Pick something that will bring you joy. And just do it. It will make your work so much more enjoyable too, whether you work in an office somewhere or at home or whether you're retired. There's nothing wrong with having fun and adding joy to our days. If not now, when?

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