Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dreams: One step at a time

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day. Every year that day provides us with so many things on which to reflect: race relations, non-violent protests, having dreams and pursuing them, the impact of one person on society and so much more.

Each one of those is important and deserves time and attention. Today I want to pull out the idea of dreams and their pursuit.

What are your dreams right now? For yourself? For your community and the larger society? Globally?

The dreams you and I have for ourselves may seem more attainable than global dreams. And yet, even there, we get stalled out and immobilized at times. It doesn't matter whether your dreams are for yourself—your career, a relationship, a new way of living and being, better managing an illness—or whether they're for society or the entire globe. Either way, dreams are fulfilled one step at a time. One simple step at a time.

How can you break down any of your dreams into simple steps? If a dream seems impossible to break into several small steps, just think of one action you can take today—one action—that will move you closer to that dream. Success in that one action will propel you into another small step. And another. Just think of how wonderful that will feel!

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