Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's the questions

Finding answers used to be so important for me. You, too? Now I love the questions ... and often the answers aren't even the important part. It's what I learn along the way when I play with the questions that provides lots of wisdom. And when I say, "I don't know," others share their life wisdom.

I like what one of my favorite writers says about it, too. Anne Lamott says, "The theologian Paul Tillich famously said that the opposite of faith is not doubt but certainty. And I can vouch for that—I think. Getting older has given me more comfort in not knowing the answers. I throw up my hands more often now; I shake my head in wonder at how inscrutable life is."

As a high achiever from childhood, this is still a challenge for me. But I do embrace the idea and slowly, slowly, I'm learning to say "I don't know" to questions. It's a good practice. And there's so much to learn from doing that. I'm trying to stay in a stance of openness.

So bring on the questions. Yes, even the large life questions....

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