Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Purpose: How complex is it?

Why are you here? What's your purpose in life? Have you ever thought about that?

Close friends and I were discussing this recently, and one of them said, "Perhaps our purpose is really simple: just to live joyfully and attentively."

In my usual fashion, I was taking the question to deep levels. I was thinking of the ways I serve others. I'm an encourager, an affirmer, a person who validates others and helps them access their wisdom. I thought of the ways my purpose may have morphed and slightly changed through the decades. Perhaps I was complicating the question.

But what if we're here to live in joy and to spread joy? What if it's really that simple? Well, actually, that isn't so simple, is it? So many things around us suck us dry; fill us with toxins, fear, hatred and anxiety; threaten to do us in and remove our joy.

What do you think? Why are you here? And what's your purpose? I'd love to hear in the Comment box below.

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