Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Self-care and burnout

Are you burned out? Ground down? Worn out? Exhausted and irritable? Are you feeling joyful less and less of the time—and depressed more and more of the time? Or have you ever felt this way before?

From time to time, life circumstances can bring us to the place of burnout. It may be an extremely toxic and difficult workplace with colleagues who tear you down rather than support you and have your back. It could be a close relationship—your primary relationship or a friendship—that's just sucking you dry.

There's no shame in being in that place. But please don't allow yourself to stay there. Get professional help if it's serious. Talk with friends. Contact me if you wish to discuss this with a life coach. Make whatever changes are necessary to not just survive, but thrive again.

Do things that nourish and feed you. Retreats, workshops, spa treatments, getaways with friends or your partner/spouse, meditation time, prayer, small groups—whatever will build you up and support you as you try to protect yourself from the damage being done. If you can leave the situation, that's great. Often, however, we're not able to do that and instead, need to find ways to change how we respond to it. Self-care is so essential. You are precious and important. Don't let anyone else grind you down—and especially don't let a situation or person force you to beat up on yourself or to pile on.

Love yourself. Take care of yourself. You deserve that!

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