Monday, March 16, 2015

Fear as an open door

Last Friday we talked about fears around the topic of dying, living and aging—with the book and movie "Still Alice" as the backdrop.

Have you ever noticed how fear can really be a doorway for you? An open door that can lead to deeper knowledge about yourself, about life, about others. It can lead you to discover strengths and talents you didn't know you had. It can be liberating and empowering once you walk through that doorway.

I remember the fears I felt several decades ago when my former husband and I returned after living for five years in Papua New Guinea. He told me that we would be expected to go around to congregations to speak about our experiences as missionaries. I was terrified. I had long feared public speaking, to the point where I dropped my speech class in college after just a couple sessions. But guess what—I did, in fact, accept invitations to speak. And I did just fine. It was a matter of feeling the fear and going ahead anyway. Through it all I learned that I really can speak to a group. I've done it many times since. Who knew?

Is there some fear you feel that could provide an open door for you? If you'd like to discuss it, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary, no-obligation strategy session.

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