Monday, July 20, 2015

Need a new plan?

Ever have this happen? You've made a plan and are moving toward the goal, whatever that may be. But things keep going wrong.

What do you do? Keep on pushing, like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up a hill in Greek mythology?

Or do you stop, take time to reflect on everything and see whether you need a different plan? Or perhaps simply a couple of different pieces to the overall plan? Perhaps it needs some tweaking. Or you may even need a complete U-turn and have to go a different direction.

This can apply to career plans, relationship plans, even vacation plans. If things aren't falling easily into place, sometimes it's good to just stop. Stop. Take some deep breaths. Survey the situation—and do a good internal gut-check, too, to see what your intuition says.

Contrary to the road signs that tell us "No U-turn," sometimes a U-turn is just the thing we might need for a situation in our life. Don't be afraid to change your plan. Change can be just what you need.

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