Thursday, July 2, 2015

You're more than your problems

Have you ever thought, when you've been in the midst of a traumatic or difficult experience, that this was your whole life? You've let yourself be defined by the moment of struggle? It's easy to think that's all there is sometimes when you're in the depths of difficulty.

Try to remember, however, that we are more than our traumas or even our roles and ambitions. We're much more than our feelings. We are complex human beings, sometimes joyful and energized about life—and other times, worried and stressed out or even in despair over something that's happened or that we fear is about to happen.

It's good to take a step back when we feel that way and see the broader picture. We are more than one day's worth of difficulties. Or even a week or month's worth.

Just as Michelangelo saw a sculpture in the uncut stone and felt his job was to trim away what wasn't necessary to the sculpture already there, so we often need to trim away or let go what isn't needed so we can see the full beauty within us. Letting go is such an essential life process, especially after several years of life and a large accumulation of experiences, feelings and possibly regrets.

Is there something that needs trimming or letting go in your life so you can see the whole of who you are? What do you need in order to see beyond today's troubles? Are you able to define yourself beyond those troubles?

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