Thursday, October 29, 2015

Let go, walk away for a while

Do you sometimes work on a problem or issue in your life non-stop and feel as though you get nowhere? You can worry and work something to death, it seems. I've surely done that. It's frustrating.

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply let go. Shelve the whole issue for a while. Mentally lock it away in a drawer in your mind. Go on to something else, preferably something that can lead to results and a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Just walk away from the issue. Take a break. Do something physical—dance, do some yoga positions, exercise, take a walk in nature. Or do some deep breathing. Whatever will calm you down and help you focus.

You and I simply cannot be creative and do our best problem-solving when we're stressed up to the hilt. But when we walk away a while or when we do something physical, it's funny how that clears the channels and opens up more possibilities that we didn't even see before.

Try it next time you're pushing too hard for a solution.

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