Monday, October 19, 2015

Celebrate aging

Some days my Mary Engelbreit calendar inspires. Some days it makes me smile. Other days, its message causes me to laugh out loud. Always it brings some pleasant response, and for that I'm grateful. It's a good start to my day. Last Friday it made me smile—and think back to when I thought 40 years of age was "over the hill." Now 40 seems almost like childhood!

The calendar spoke truth: "Being old doesn't seem so old now that we're old!"

I remember laughing when my father, at age 90 or 91, told me about delivering Meals on Wheels to people in the small Iowa town in which he and Mom spent their last decades. "I'm delivering meals to old folks," he told me one day. This was during a phone call, so I couldn't see his face. But I'm pretty certain his eyes were twinkling and he was wearing a broad smile when he said that. He might have been teasing, but his positive attitude did keep him young at heart, too.

I thank him for passing along that legacy. So I resonate with the calendar sentiment. The age I am now, which seemed so old a few decades ago, really isn't old at all. I really don't feel old. My age is only a number, after all. 

What about you? How do you feel about your age? Can you celebrate that you've gotten that far—and thank your body and mind for bringing you to this stage, too?

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