Monday, October 5, 2015

Seasonal changes & other life changes

It's definitely feeling like fall here in the Chicagoland area. I love fall and its amazing color, but I'm less enamored with the winter that I know will follow. Each change of season is a good time to see the value of change, whether the approaching season is one you like or not.

So many of us resist change; some even fight it. However, change is simply an inevitable part of life. Sometimes it brings positive things into our lives, and sometimes negative things result. No matter what each change we face brings us, however, it's nearly always easier on us if we can ride the waves of change rather than wear ourselves out fighting them. What if we could actually embrace change? Or at the very least, stop resisting so desperately?

So as the season changes, you might want to make this a time to think about what changes are happening in your life right now. How can you best meet this change? What blessings might this change reveal? What disappointments are embedded in this change, and what can you do to grieve those and then move on?

If you would like some conversation about this, please contact me for a complimentary strategy session around the topic.

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