Monday, October 17, 2016

Stop. Switch gears.

There's simply nothing like gratitude for refocusing. Whenever I get caught up in negativity (and that's easy to do these days with all the negative news and political insults hurled back and forth between groups—and even between friends), I make an effort to stop. Take a few deep breaths. And think of three things for which I'm grateful right at that moment. Three things. That's not difficult at all. In fact, often I keep on going because there are so many more.

Right now as I write this, for example, I see brilliant sunshine outside. I'm so grateful for that. I can smell bacon corn chowder cooking in my crockpot for the guests I will entertain tonight. I'm grateful first that I have dear friends who will share food and conversation with me tonight—and second, that I have food to eat. And I'm grateful I have a home to which I can invite friends. And. And. And.

There's so much more for which I'm grateful. That's just for starters right now this minute. How about you?

Try that next time you get caught up in negative thinking. Switch gears. Soon you'll see blessings instead of problems.

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