Thursday, November 10, 2016

Let's work for healing

Last week my congregation held a healing and reconciliation worship service open to anyone. It was designed to try move us in a positive direction after the vitriol and hatred of a rugged presidential year. Perhaps we need many more of these—to continue on into the next several months. I was out of town and unable to attend, although I really would have liked to be part of it. But I really like the idea.

It seems we have a lot of healing to do. Divisions always have been there. But it feels as though the gap has widened during these past months as people have hurled invectives at each other in support or in opposition to one candidate or another. I don't remember when I've seen and heard such nastiness in a campaign before. I have heard of broken friendships and families not speaking to some of their members over this election. How sad is that?

We all need to be part of the healing. So let's take the time to do whatever we can to move us all forward to healing and reconciliation.

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