Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Adding love to the world

There are so many ways we can add a touch of love and humanity to our world. Just look around. Opportunities abound in our homes, our neighborhoods, our wider community, in our schools and public institutions, in our country and across the globe.

I just read in the AARP Bulletin of one such effort, begun in 1948 when Air Force chief of staff Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg and his wife, Gladys, realized that some of the funerals at Arlington National Cemetery were attended only by the military chaplain. They felt someone else should always be present, too. Now each of the service branches has wives' groups that make sure others attend the funerals. They also reach out to families of the fallen in various ways.

Sandra Griffin, retired as a major after 23 years in the Air Force, writes sympathy notes to Air Force families she hasn't even met; and she attends funerals. "It's a way to still serve. It's a comfort to the families," she says. "Some reach out to hold your hand and say thank you."

Yes, it really doesn't take a lot. What needs are you noticing around you that might be calling to you? Sometimes even smiles to strangers in the public sphere can add joy to someone's day. So many possibilities. What will you choose?

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