Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Self-care isn't a dirty word

It's true that we're harder on ourselves than most anyone else in our lives would be. We just keep pushing ourselves harder and harder as though there were no limits physically, emotionally or spiritually. So sometimes we almost need permission from someone else to cut ourselves some slack, don't we?

If you need permission, I'm here to give you just that. Permission granted! Take a break. Pamper yourself. Carve out time for a walk. A nap. A lovely bubble bath. Or just time by the fireplace to read a book. What is it you most need? If you're at total burn-out stage, you need more than a small fix—and you may need to talk with a coach or perhaps your doctor or a counselor. But if you're just a bit out of sorts or tired, give yourself a break. Treat yourself to something that would restore your energy, restore your passion for life, make your heart happy.

Self-care isn't a dirty word. It isn't selfish. It's just good maintenance. Most often, we take better care of our cars and run regular maintenance on them. It's time now to step up and give ourselves at least as much time and attention as we give our cars!

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