Friday, January 20, 2017

Soar & sing your unique song

Do you feel stuck in a place in your life that doesn't feel authentically you? Are you still living your life to please others? Living according to old tapes and messages you heard either while growing up or even in early adulthood? Is it time to break free and discover who you were meant to be? To explore what you really want to do?

I remember in the final years of my marriage feeling like a bird in a cage, living in a way that was more about pleasing everyone else than about what felt right for me. I could see the door slowly closing on the cage. I couldn't sing my song if that happened! Somehow it felt I would be silenced forever if I didn't fly out before the door closed. This was a powerful image for me.

A few years later when I described it to a therapist, he said he had heard that very same image from any number of women. That's funny. I hadn't heard it or read about it anywhere, and I hadn't really shared the image with anyone else. Apparently, it's more universal than I knew.

If you resonate with any of this, let go of people-pleasing. Let go of old tapes. Find your unique song—and sing it! Let your beautiful self soar.

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