Monday, February 26, 2018

Let retirement unfold

I know several people who are contemplating retirement in the near future. Several of them are worried about what retirement will hold. They're worried about having no purpose and no structure to their days. Some are afraid they'll grow lazy and soft.

Since I was reduced-in-force from my job, I didn't get to choose my own retirement date. However, what I found was that it was really important to simply let go of control for a while and let the process unfold. I discovered, too, that I needed time to grieve what was before I could move on to what was going to be. And that isn't just true if you have lost your job. It's also the case when you've made your own choice about when to leave. Grief work is just as important when you lose things by choice as it is when it's not your choice.

Some people know exactly how their day will look on Day One of their retirement. For my money, that's a tad too much control. Just as farm land needs occasional fallow time between plantings so it can replenish, so we need time to be re-energized and replenished when we make major life changes such as this. We need time to process where we've been, who we were in that other life and career, who we will be going forward and how we truly want to spend our time.

Some things simply need to simmer a while before they're ready. Retirement planning is one of those things, in my humble opinion. If you are facing retirement and wish to discuss this, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary strategy session.

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