Friday, September 21, 2012

Face fear with small steps

"Move the needle a bit each day," my oldest son advised me back when I was starting up my coaching practice.

We were having a conversation about how my fears sometimes got in the way of my moving forward, whether it was with marketing or with planning my website or some other aspect of the business. I could come up with lots of reasons why I couldn't work on it that day. Or the next. But what it really boiled down to was my fear. (Or at times, multiple fears!)

Peter was right, though: Move the needle a bit each day. Even if I couldn't create my entire marketing plan that day, I certainly could come up with one or two points for the plan.

Peter knew. He had started a business himself more than a decade earlier—and he's told me about the fears he felt initially, too. And how he pushed through the fear with small steps, moving the needle.

I think of that whenever I am immobilized by fears. Sometimes it even takes me a while to get past all the "reasons" I can't do something that day (excuses, really) and recognize that it's actually about my fear. Once I acknowledge the fear, I can come up with one or two small steps to move myself toward the larger goal. I can move the needle—even if it's only a little bit that day. And when I do, I feel so empowered and energized. Often that even spurs me to take more than a couple small steps.

Are fears holding you back from something you long to do? Let's talk about how you can move the needle. Contact me today for a no-obligation, complimentary strategy session.

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