Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life's essentials

Many years ago I tried online dating—just for the fun of it. Though it's been a good thing for many people, it didn't turn out to be much fun for me. And as it happened, I met my fiance through dear friends many years after those experiences anyway.

In the process of online dating, however, I learned a lot. About others. And about myself.

One of my friends, who many years previous had tried to meet someone in this way, encouraged me to think about my "non-negotiables." She urged me to make lists of those characteristics I would really like to have in a partner and those I absolutely could not handle. Then of the list of what I'd like, she urged me to boil down to those that were essential to me—those non-negotiable traits. This process turned out to be a good learning experience.

I encourage coaching clients to do something similar when considering life or career decisions as well. It helps to have a broad-strokes vision of what you would really like—and then make a list from that dream or vision which things are truly essential for your well-being and happiness. What do you really need?

Do you have a Big Life Question you're pondering right now? Try sketching out your dream of how you'd like things to be after you live into the answers. Then make a list of those things that are essential and non-negotiable from your dream. That will make your action plan so much easier.

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