Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It doesn't take much

It doesn't take much to bring sunshine and joy into my life. Simple pleasures will do. Beautiful sunset. Lovely music. Candles. Chocolate. And, of course, family and friends! How about you?

One of my granddaughters shared with me one of her favorite bath gel scents when I saw her recently. It was a lovely coconut lime scent and brought with it visions of a sunny, tropical island. I can see why it's her favorite.

I don't know what March is like where you live—but in the Midwest where I live, it can often be a month you'd just as soon remove from the calendar. If we've had snow, it's generally dirty and piled up where snowplows have left it, unable to easily melt in the sunshine because of its depth. It's still cold and often (like today) it's gloomy.

I decided this was the time to bring out the bottle of coconut lime bath gel that I bought after Olivia told me about it. I used it in today's shower and imagined sunshine, palm trees and a lovely tropical isle. It just set my day off on a pleasant note. Yes, there are still some snow piles—and where there aren't any, the grass is still brown and rather ugly. And, yes, there's no sunshine at the moment. But I don't care. I'm thinking about sunshine and palm trees!

What little thing can you do today to lift your spirits and change your attitude? What would it take to focus on something positive today and start you off on a good note? Go for it!

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