Monday, March 25, 2013

Be yourself

"Be yourself," said Oscar Wilde. "Everyone else is already taken."

But, of course, you say! Who else would I be?

And yet, so often, you and I find ourselves doing things we really didn't want to do. So what happened? Were you trying to please others? Was I afraid to do what I really wanted to do (for fear others wouldn't approve, perhaps)?

Last month I wrote about being authentic and living the life you want rather than worrying about what others want for you. Don't "should" on yourself. Follow your own heart, your own passion. Listen to your dreams.

Don't know what your passion is? You're not alone in that. It takes time. Stop and listen. Think about things you loved as a child. Think about those times in your life when you've totally lost track of time because you've been so absorbed in what you were doing. Reflect on those things that transport you and make your heart sing. Keep track in a journal or notebook of the things that delight you and those things for which you have a real gift. Watch for patterns and themes to arise.

If you are thinking of a life change in career or just in how you live your life—but you just aren't sure how to proceed, I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary strategy session to see how you might move forward.

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