Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Treat yourself as you would a friend

When your friends are discouraged about something in their lives, do you build them up, encourage them, send them cards and notes, listen to them and give them all the support you can? I'm guessing you do. It's what friends do for one another.

Do you do the same for yourself? When you are discouraged, down about something, confused or just needing someone to speak a kind word, are you able to do that for yourself? People who work with babies and toddlers call that being able to "self-soothe." In an adult, it's simply a sign of self-love and of having a healthy self-image.

It's important to treat yourself as well as you would treat someone else. It's not helpful to berate yourself or to withhold love, forgiveness or support from yourself. Think of the difference your support makes in a friend's life. It can make that same difference in your life, too.

And while you're at it, don't be inhibited about asking your friends when you need a kind word, a compliment, an ear to listen, or a shoulder upon which to cry. You are worth it—and a true friend will be only too happy to provide what you need!

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