Monday, March 18, 2013

Joy and satisfaction

Recently I learned about a book by Brent Kessel titled It's Not About the Money. In it Kessel describes "the Wanting Mind"—that part of us that isn't ever quite satisfied with how things are. He specifically ties it to our financial lives, pointing out that most often it leads to significant debt and often, a stingy attitude.

He says an important antidote to the Wanting Mind is "Heartfelt Goals"—goals driven by our deepest values.

That goes back to knowing ourselves, about which I blogged last Wednesday, March 13. What are your deepest values? Given those core beliefs and values, what then are your goals?

It's all about being in alignment, isn't it? You and I want to choose goals that align with our deepest values. And we want to choose goals that reflect our gratitude and sense of contentment with life even as we continue learning, growing and inviting transformation.

It's quite a balance, but it's so worth doing. And ultimately, it will lead to a deeper joy and satisfaction as well as a greater ability to be of service in our families, friendship circles, communities, country and world.

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