Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New life & flight

I love this time of year! Green stems are pushing up through the ground. The grass is greening up. Trees are sending out shoots and buds. Soon the colors of spring will be splashed everywhere.

New life. It's always exciting to observe, isn't it? Whether it's a new baby, a little puppy or a farm animal being born, that new life just moves me to awe and gratitude.

I remember one year when I bought a butterfly kit. I watched the entire transformation process from the tiny caterpillars sent to me that eventually wrapped themselves in cocoons and later emerged as beautiful butterflies. I invited some close friends over the day I released them, and we enjoyed a ritual of release and flight to represent the changes and transformations in our own lives. It was so wonderful watching those butterflies sit quietly on the flowers for a moment and then slowly but surely ascending skyward and disappearing—off to enjoy their all-too-brief lives.  I felt such joy seeing them in flight.

I feel the same joy when I see my clients move from a stuck place or a place of real pain into a place of new dreams, new energy, transformation and deep inner happiness. I get so jazzed by their progress. It's not at all unlike the transition from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. For some, that movement is a long, slow process. For others, it happens more quickly. But with time, intention, hard work and a companion along the way to encourage and hold them accountable, everyone does move ahead. I am humbled and also grateful and encouraged to be part of this transformative process. Thank you to those who allow me that privilege.

Please contact me if you are in a stuck place and long for new life and transformation. I'm happy to offer an absolutely no-obligation, complimentary strategy session.

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