Thursday, April 11, 2013

The courage to be vulnerable

More words of wisdom from Paula D'Arcy at her retreat this past weekend: "It takes strength to help others. It takes courage to ask for help for ourselves."

For an Enneagram 8 like me, that's very true. I've admitted in my blogs before how difficult it is for me to be vulnerable. Part of the mask I wear is that of being strong all the time. Helping others is what I do, not only as a coach but also in my personal life. But asking for help for myself—that's more difficult.

You may have a completely different mask. We each have at least one mask because we don't feel safe in every setting to reveal who we really are. Some of us don't feel safe in any setting. And perhaps we don't even know for sure who we really are! That's a process of discovery in itself.

This year I am focusing on learning new behaviors when it comes to admitting vulnerability and asking for help. I hadn't connected that practice with courage, however, so I'm glad D'Arcy did that for me. Somehow it seems like a significant connection for me.

What connections are you making these days that are helpful in your transformational journey? I invite you to share with us in the comment boxes below. You can be absolutely sure that others are on a similar journey and will gain from your insights and experiences. Let's start a conversation!

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