Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Open yourself to possibility

I could write at least a month's worth of blogs based on the many nuggets of wisdom and truth I heard this past weekend at the Paula D'Arcy retreat. I returned home well fed, having received insights and healing I didn't even know I needed!

One of the first things D'Arcy told the more than 70 women and one man who attended her retreat was: "There are things to support a small life and things to support a large life. You get to choose which it will be." And then she asked each of us to consider: "Is there something deeper in me? How do I get there? Do I have the courage to take the further journey?"

I'm reflecting on that these days. I know that, in D'Arcy's words again, I often "argue for my limitations," saying "I can't" or "I just know it wouldn't work" to any number of opportunities or possibilities that present themselves in my life.

What if instead I said "Yes" to the open doors? What if I opted to live life in a larger way than what I can see with my blinders of fear on? What if I opened my eyes and heart to what's in and around me? Imagine if I didn't shoot down possibilities, ideas and dreams before even testing them!

I'd like to try it. How about you?

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