Monday, April 1, 2013

Spruce up your attitude

Last Tuesday I blogged about the ripple effect of good things in our lives. After I wrote that, I heard a radio show on a similar topic. The panelists were discussing the lack of good news in the media, saying people seem to want tension, conflict and mayhem in their news.

Then they discussed the effect of positive events and news in our lives, saying it can banish or at least reduce fear and pessimism. One panelist cited a small example from her Chicago neighborhood, which is still considered one of the less desirable and poorer ones in the city. One year she decided to do her part to brighten the area up, so she set out a beautiful pot filled with a lovely flowering plant. She placed it on the front steps of her porch.

Several neighbors warned her that it wouldn't last long. "Someone definitely will steal it," they told her. She didn't care. She simply wanted to introduce something of beauty, something of hope, into her neighborhood. Well, no one did steal it. It lasted the season. So she did the same thing the next year—and, to her joy, she noticed that another neighbor put out a colorful pot and a lovely plant. The year after that, several more followed suit.

This panelist talked about how things are gradually changing in her neighborhood as people spruce up yards, homes and, most of all, their attitudes! What can you do today to banish fear and pessimism and bring more hope and joy to your life and life around you?

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