Friday, August 15, 2014

Stop. Look. Listen.

In yesterday's post I mentioned a family reunion I attended last weekend. What a thrill to reconnect with aunts, uncles, cousins and others I hadn't seen for a couple years. I was especially overjoyed to see my mother's two remaining siblings and another aunt, the wife of Mom's brother. They're all 90 and older. So each time I see them is precious time to me.

When I told my brother how grateful I was to have time with those elders and how I feared that each time I saw them might be the last, he wisely reminded me that any one of us could be gone by the next family reunion. He's right. Although I don't want to be morbid, I also want to be realistic.

It only makes sense to always live with the truth that all you and I really have is today. That being the case, it's extremely important that you and I live in the moment. Savor today. Stay awake and aware. Attend to what's going on in and around you right now. You don't know how many more moments you'll have. I don't know what's ahead for me.

Stop what you're doing for a moment. Look around you. Notice things you simply overlook most of the time. What's capturing your interest? Do that several times a day. See how much more aware you'll become.

Keep in mind what we all learned when we were tiny people: Stop. Look. Listen.

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