Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nurture your creativity

I love a can-do attitude, and I am really inspired by out-of-the-box, creative thinking. Recently I read about a program in Kansas that provided a great example of both.

It seems that when rural businesses closed because of owners retiring, finding new buyers was increasingly difficult. Finding people who want to start businesses in rural areas was becoming an issue. So the University of Kansas came up with a creative solution called the Redefining Retirement program (or RedTire). The program pairs up owners of family-run or small businesses with buyers who are graduates of Kansas state universities. Part of the deal is that the current owner will stay on for a period of time to help the new buyer through a transition period.

The program includes help with the financial pieces of the business, too. And now the University of Kansas hopes to take the program nationwide.

Isn't that a creative solution to what was becoming a real problem for rural communities who need such services—and for prospective business owners who may not have the finances to do a start-up in a large community? It sounds win-win to me. Businesses can stay in a community, and perhaps new jobs might even be created. And entrepreneurs have a chance they might not have had otherwise to follow their dreams and passions. It's about removing obstacles and creating opportunities and possibilities.

To bring this home to you, think about what things in your life call out for solutions. Nurture your creative side and fill yourself up with whatever will spark even more ideas. Then start spinning out ideas—and do so without judging them. Be as out-of-the-box as you can and see what emerges.

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