Monday, August 4, 2014

What joy to give to others

I just have to share another good news story, continuing what I started last week. This one occurred in Albany, N.Y., where a waiter received a $1,000 tip for his great service at a restaurant where he works three shifts in addition to a full-time job and a side business of his own.

Michael Shafts has waited tables for four years and ended up splitting more than half the tip with his fellow staff mates, something his manager says is typical of him. The couple who left the tip said on the bill, "Pay it forward. My birthday present to me." It was the man's 47th birthday, so his $1,000 tip for Shafts clearly brought him joy, too.

What a positive story! And it's a good reminder that when we reach out and do good things for others, we also increase our own happiness and joy. It's always win-win when we do. I've heard it said that the best cure for a bad day or for loneliness is to do something nice for another person.  I think that's really true.

Know anyone who could use a lift today? Look around. I'm certain you'll find lots of opportunities to bring joy to someone else—and to yourself.

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