Thursday, August 14, 2014

Changing direction

Ever taken the "road less traveled" and changed your direction? Last weekend my fiance and I were returning home from a family reunion when traffic got terribly clogged up. We drove for miles and miles in start-stop conditions, with brake lights as far ahead as we could see and cars backed up behind us as far back as we could see. Although we began the trip home in a good frame of mind, having had a wonderful weekend and ready to enjoy a leisurely trip home, our patience was wearing pretty thin after more than an hour of start-stop.

So we connected with our spontaneous selves and got off the interstate, stopped to look at a map to find other options and decided on some back roads leading to state highways that would get the job done. And what a wonderful surprise. We moved right along, and we got to see new scenery and enjoy lovely rural landscapes. I'm not sure whether we saved time, although I suspect we did. But we certainly saved our sanity and found some surprising pleasures along the way.

This was another lesson to me: Don't be afraid to change direction and try new things. Change. That word can be so scary to so many. But many times in my life, I've found that changing directions can lead to amazing opportunities that I could not have imagined had I kept going as I was.

Is it time for you to move past some fear into something new? Go ahead. Sometimes the road less traveled is filled with beauty and delight!

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