Monday, September 1, 2014

Celebrate labor & purpose

Today is Labor Day in the U.S.: a day dedicated to the achievements of American workers, a day when we think about the nature of work, of vocation and career. Actually, for many it has simply become a day off work with little thought to the reason for the day. Sometimes it's good to take a moment to think about the history or background of holidays, however. Look at all that has been achieved in this country through the hard work of so many. Look at what you have done in whatever career you chose. Celebrate that. See the larger picture of what that's meant not only for you but for others affected by your job. And if your work was inside the home raising a family and caring for home, garden or perhaps even farm, think about the impact that work has had on others.

If you're retired now, think about what your new purpose is—for we're told that those who have purpose in their lives are far happier and tend to live longer and healthier lives. Perhaps you volunteer for an organization. Perhaps you are extremely engaged in the lives of your grandchildren. Maybe you serve your church or community in multiple ways. Even those who are housebound can serve others. I once read about a woman who was bedridden and housebound but who made phone calls and sent cards to others who were ill or going through hard times. She still found ways to serve—and it brought great joy into her life.

So today, why not take a few moments to consider your purpose and to look back over your career and achievements? Celebrate what you've done—and consider new ways you can be of service in the world.

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