Thursday, September 4, 2014

Of circles and gifts

Have you ever forgotten something you wrote, said or did and years later, it came back to you bearing unexpected gifts?

Many years ago in a women's spirituality group of which I was part, I had the privilege of getting to know a woman with beautiful artistic talent. Over time, she created several works of art. Her dream was to one day publish a book of her paintings. Our group leader suggested that each of us take one or more pieces of Bev's art and write poetry or prose about what that piece said to us. Several of us took up the challenge.

Yesterday I opened my mailbox to discover a package containing a newly published book of art and poetry sent to me by my friend Bev. Her dream of many years to publish some of her art was realized! I am just thrilled for her. And to my surprise, I found four of my poems in her book. I'd forgotten them. One spoke to me anew, reminding me of life's complexity and beauty: how pain and joy exist not only side by side but often intermingled. I called this "The Center Holds":

Faster and faster they spin by
My days like blurs on a page.
Splashes of brightness and joy here.
Splotches of turbulence and pain there.
Am I paying attention?
Can I see the beauty?
Like a kaleidoscope, I hold
The twirling pieces to the light.
In the light of God's all-embracing love
The beauty emerges
And the center holds.

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