Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recover wonder & wisdom

Socrates said it. "Wisdom begins in wonder."

Wonder. It's a concept we may not employ so much anymore. Perhaps because of all our technological and scientific advances, we tend to be fairly blase about so much. It takes a lot to impress us, a lot to stop us in our tracks, a lot to feel the "wow factor" of our surroundings or our lives.

But think about it. Really? Is there nothing out there that can amaze us these days? Just the beauty of a sunrise or sunset? Or the incredible bird choruses in early morning? Or an infant discovering she can roll over? A toddler taking first steps? A child coming home from school and reading a book on his own? The intense blue of the sky filled with fluffy white clouds? The love and devotion of a parent, a spouse, partner, child or friend? The way our bodies serve us for decades?

When we really stop to take notice, we're surrounded with things that should bring us to our knees in awe and wonder. The key words there are "stop to take notice." Develop an awareness of what's around you. Nourish gratitude for the beauty, love and sweet things in your life. Doing so ratchets up your curiosity, spurs your creativity and deepens your experience—thus increasing your wisdom. How much more can you learn when you really stop to notice what's in and around you? The possibilities are endless. Be curious. Be aware. Nurture wonder. And enjoy the wisdom that flows from that.

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