Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stress reduction

Now is a good time of year to polish up your techniques for managing stress. Peek inside your stress-reduction tool kit and see what's in there. It seems almost everyone is in high gear right now. If you weren't stressed before, just a few minutes with your friends and colleagues could bring it on. It seems to be contagious, doesn't it?

So what do you do to reduce your stress? We all know several techniques. Whether we actually stop to think about them—and then employ them—well, that's a different matter. So consider this your reminder! What are your go-to relievers?

Exercise can be one. So if you can squeeze in even 10 minutes of yoga, stretching, walking, weights or treadmill, do so. You'll feel much better.

Talking things over with your friends or your spouse can also reduce stress. It's just a matter of naming it, saying it out loud and getting it out of your body. Perhaps talking about what's stressing you might even surface some short-cuts to what you do.

Praying, journaling or taking a few moments for some deep breathing are also good ways to relieve stress. What are some other things you do?

Better yet: Consider dropping a few things off your to-do list. Does it all really have to be done? Would the world end if it weren't? Or can you even delegate some of your tasks? Remember, you don't have to live with all that stress. Make a choice to reduce it today.

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