Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sunshine on my shoulder

The sun came out yesterday! What a treat.

I had lost track of the number of gloomy, dark and sometimes rainy days we had experienced. And try as I might to stay positive, it was dragging me down. I could tell by Facebook comments and things my family and friends said in conversation that I wasn't alone in this. But all it took was one sunny day. Moods lifted—just like that!

Yesterday when I bought some last-minute grocery supplies, everyone seemed much more cheerful. Of course, it didn't hurt that a live pianist played lovely Christmas music while we shopped. But I suspect it was the sun that made the real difference. When I shopped on Monday, no one was quite so cheerful.

Try as we might to let our inner light guide us, we still have to admit that external circumstances can and do affect us. That said, it's important to do whatever we can to at least reduce the importance of externals. Or change those external factors over which you have control. For example, I obviously had no control over the sun. But I could, and did, leave my Christmas tree lights on all day to brighten my spirits during the dark and gloomy days. I could play cheery Christmas music on my CD player.

Do you pay close attention to your moods? And do you do what you can to maintain a positive attitude? It's a balance to do so—and still be honest and real with whatever hurt and pain you also experience. It's worth doing, though.

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