Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Letting go—into fun

Yesterday I quoted a line from the recent movie Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I have yet another quote from that movie today that struck me so much that I had to write it down in the theater: "Let go. That's when the fun starts."

It's been said that we spend the first half of life building a "self." We gather things from our parents, classmates and peers, others around us, books, TV and society in general. Soon enough, we have the behaviors, habits, beliefs, tapes and messages that comprise us and lead us through our lives. However, when we get to mid-life and beyond, we see that some of those behaviors, beliefs and messages don't really work very well. So we have to unlearn some things. To some degree, we have to let go of old ways of thinking and being. We find ways that are more authentic to who we really are—often ways that are more healthy and holistic.

This involves a lot of letting go. That has sort of become my mantra these days, "Let go, Sonia, let go." "That doesn't work anymore. Maybe it never did. Let it go." And that's when the fun starts. It's fun to become more authentic, to drop some of the masks, some of the old tapes (for me, some of those were limiting messages about what girls and women should and shouldn't do) and behaviors. So that quote leaped right from the screen into my heart, and I resonated.

What do you think? Does letting go signal the start of good things for you? If so, let go. Let go some more. Let the fun begin!

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